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 Email marketing can be very 8usfyulif you want to generate leads for your company easily. It is one of the most common marketing strategies that is adopted in the world. Many people use it to generate leads for their company easily. Email marketing is vastly followed because almost every person on this planet has their email address. All the email marketer has to do is send emails to these mail address and the people who are interested after reading the emails will come to the company as clients.

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What is email marketing

Email marketing is a form of marketing in which the salesperson of a company sends emails to the client telling them about the company or the new products of the company. The client if interested will then ask the person to contact him and tell him how he can buy the product from the company. This is how email marketing works. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. There are several do and don’ts that are included in email marketing and one must always be careful of these do’s and don’ts in email marketing. Let’s see what these are.

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Do and Don’t in email marketing


Grow your email list correctly. The best way to grow the list of email candidates is by web scraping or asking people to fill up some google forms in one way or the other. The main focus should be to increase the email list of the people whom you are sending the emails. Remember the larger the list, the higher are the chances of getting clients from your side.

Make the person comfortable. Keep them updated with the latest news and buzz going in the company. If you have a new product in mind, make sure to send a promotional email to the client. Also, make sure to send the person a warm welcome email after they have signed up with your company.

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While writing emails try to attract the attention of the user from the email that you are sending. The header should catch the attention of the people and force them to sign up for the product that is offered by the company.

The email list that you have should not contain all the names of the people mixed in randomly. You should segregate the list based on the interest of the person. Remember every person is different and you cannot reach different people with the same approach. 

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Personalize your email to make it catchier. Make sure to make the email good liking so that the user cannot close the email without fully reading it. This will help you by increasing the numbers of the people that are going to be your clients.

Provide customers with some specialized content when they have signed up for your subscription. Send them one or two emails telling them about the current things that are ongoing in your business. Ask for their vote or opinion as it will help them feel a part of the company.

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Make sure to personalize your message when you are sending messages to a group of people sharing common properties. Make their emails personalize and send them content that will catch their observation. It will help you gather more leads in less time.

Do recheck your email every time you are sending it to your client. Make sure it is free of any error and do not repeat any mistakes that are mentioned above. Make necessary changes if you wish to otherwise send the email to your clients.

Ask for feedback from your clients. This is your main concern and this will help you to develop more easily. Make sure to ask for feedback and opinion of the customer towards your company. If they are negative, try to reform them and make them positive.

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Never buy a pre-planned email list. There are many websites or people online who sell the online list to the people in exchange for money. They ask for money in exchange for the email list. Never listen to such people and buy any email list.

Don’t’ leave people in dark. Tell them about updates happening in the company. Keep them excited if you are launching any new product. Keeping the customer in dark will lead them to lose interest in your company and they will cancel the subscription of your company anytime in the future.

Don’t send bland emails to the customers. Send emails that will catch their attention. Sending black emails to the people will lead them to lose interest in the company. They won’t even read the email completely.

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Never send any generic email to all the people. Many companies commit this mistake of sending the generic email. The advanced algorithm of various emails website now recognizes the generic email and marks them as spam. This means that people won't even see your email if it gets marked as spam.

Don’t send just one mail to the user. Send several emails to the client and keep them updated about the things that are going on in the company. This will keep your subscriber updated about the company and they won’t feel left out.

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Don’t make the email too long. Keep it simple and easy to read. People don’t read a complex or long email so don’t try writing a long email. Include pictures in the email as well to keep the attention of the user on email.

Don’t send a bland email to the user. Sending a bland email will cause the user to forget about the company and they will lose interest in it. This means that your client will no longer buy any product from the company if it keeps going on. Keep them updated about and personalize your email before sending it.

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Don’t use clickbait titles or subject lines. Write to the point email explain everything about the company and convincing the user. Writing clickbait titles or subject lines will cause the user to see the company as fake and they won’t order anything from the company in the future.

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